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All Over Butter - The Remix


Lately I have been getting emails from moms with kids who suffer from dry skin. I noticed that some of the dry skin comes from skin conditions, allergies, environment and some come from using crappy skin care products.

After listening to moms and doing extensive research on skin care, I reformulated our #1 seller All Over Butter to include ingredients that are more beneficial to dry skin.

The active ingredients include collated oatmeal, which helps relieve the itchy skin, cocoa butter which helps to repair the skin from scaring that is most likely caused by scratching and glycerin which helps the skin to retain moisture.  All of these new ingredients are known for their ability to act as amazing skin protestants.

All Over Butter was amazing before the changes, now its phenomenal.  CLICK HERE and order a jar or 2 today. Don't forget, we have free shipping every day.

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