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Petroleum Jelly - Not so Trusty After All


Being from the windy city, my mom use to put petroleum jelly on my face on cold winter mornings to help prevent wind burns. Others use it because they feel it’s a great moisturizer. At the time, the only thing I thought it did for my face was to make me look like a grease monkey lol.  It did actually work as a wind barrier but it did nothing for moisturizing my skin.

Naturally Me has a wonderful alternative to petroleum jelly. Our All Over Butter is 100% natural and is full of moisturizing butters and ceramide rich oils. Ceramides are very important to maintain healthy skin. Ceramides helps your skin to maintain moisture. People with dry and sensitive skin, often have low ceramides. As a result, the skin will become extremely dry. All Over Butter contains oils that are high in ceramides like hemp oil, sunflower oil and safflower oil. Click here to get your All Over Butter and put an end to your dry skin.

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