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Skin Care Routine for Toddlers

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Some people think that creating a skin care routine for a kid is a bit crazy. But really, its necessary. Especially with kids with dry skin, eczema or psoriasis. I've listed 3 easy to follow steps below.


Now that the summer is here, kids are outside more. They are going for walks in the parks, playing in the grass and going swimming. Since most kids with skin conditions have environmental allergies, it is very important to thoroughly cleanse their skin. It is best to use a natural moisturizing soap. Our Oatmeal Soap is made with gluten free oatmeal and moisturizing oils.

2.Pat your little one’s skin…..

It is important to pat your little one’s skin dry after bathing them instead of rubbing the towel to dry them. Rubbing the towel on sensitive skin can be a little abrasive and cause flair-ups or irritations. By patting dry, not only are you being gentle, but you will leave some moisture on the skin which is super important. You can seal in the moisture by immediately applying a good, thick moisturizer.


A good moisturizer will help keep your little one’s skin hydrated. Try using a moisturizer that is made with ceramide rich oils. Ceramides are lipids/fats that are naturally found in our skin. It helps skin to retain moisture. Little ones who have dry skin and eczema often times have low ceramides. Sunflower Oil, Safflower Oil and Hemp Oils are all ceramide rich. Our All Over Butter is made with moisturizing butters and ceramide rich oils.

To learn more about our skin care products, Feel free to visit our website at http://bit.ly/28pJLiO.

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