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Spring Cleaning 101 – First Things First


Despite what The Weather Channel and snowy conditions outside our windows are saying, spring will be here in a few weeks. That means that now is the time to start thinking about spring cleaning.

Instead of focusing on your cabinets, closets and cubbies, this year is perfect for focusing on clearing your heart, mind and life of clutter that's been getting in your way and holding you back. Show yourself some love and the benefit will extend to your home and those around you.

Negative people, negative self-talk coupled with a lack of self-esteem... All of these things can serve to hinder your progress, if you let them. Not only were you created for more, you have every right to want and to be more. The more you love yourself and show yourself love, the easier it will become to make strides in the direction of your destiny. It’s difficult to keep up your momentum while doubting yourself at every turn. Break with that bad habit as soon as you can!

Winter may be on our doorstep, but Spring is coming up the walkway and she's bringing something incredible, a NEW AND IMPROVED YOU, if you'll embrace the possibilities, take responsibility and make the necessary changes to usher in the change. What are you waiting for? The time is NOW! Carpe diem!

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