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Valentine's Day Remixed

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There are a lot of reminders around us that Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and unfortunately, there is a stigma attached with being alone on Valentines Day. Let's face it, it's known as "couples day" and for those of us without that special someone, this holiday can prove to be miserable.

That's why Naturally Me wants you to celebrate this Valentine's Day and everyday with "self love". Yea, this sounds slightly crazy but it's a challenge for a lot of single people this time of year. The media and retail all capitalize on this social occasion by programming us to think that something must be wrong with us IF we don't have that special someone in our lives, especially on February 14, but we say "self love" is everyday. 

No matter what your relationship status, you must first have self love; A love of who you are as a person and the beauty (inside and out) that you bring to this world. Self love is understanding and accepting that being single is not a disease nor is it contagious and it certainly doesn't equate into you being inferior to someone in a relationship. Don't spend another minute underestimating YOUR value and worth. You are awesome and you should celebrate that, EVERYDAY!

We've come up with a few simple ways to start the "self love" movement and celebrate the everyday you.

1. Treat yourself to something and do it in the name of self love (example:a drink at Starbucks)

2. Do something nice for someone else WITHOUT an expectation of something in return, you know perform a random act of kindness.

3. Learn to love the "you that you are right now" and if you don't like something about yourself, work on making some improvements.

4. Rome wasn't built in a day and getting over being alone on Valentine's Day may not happen in a day either, just keep working on you.

We'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how you plan to celebrate "self love".

So, what are you waiting for? Go buy some candy, light a Naturally Me Candle Tin and get your "self love"on.

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